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Welcome to my website. My name is Annie and I am the proprietor of the Energetic Repair Shop, offering reflexology, crystal and shamanic healing, Reiki healing and teaching.

If you are feeling stuck mentally, emotionally or physically, I believe the therapies I offer can help release any blocks in your energy flow and get you back up and running, with that lovely feeling of being recharged.

If you are unsure which of my therapies would suit you, fill out my contact form and we can arrange a 30 minute free consultation to decide which route to take.

My Services

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle”

Albert Einstein

Client Appreciation

“I have been very fortunate to carry out my Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher Training with Anne. I love Anne’s style of teaching which is very intuitive and her knowledge and wisdom is extensive. Anne makes you feel immediately welcome and at home in her teaching space and offers an incredible experience when you do your Reiki Training with her.

Following your training, Anne offers Reiki Refreshments, which I thoroughly enjoy and always walk away from feeling more grounded, centred and peaceful. They are wonderful sessions with other Reiki Practitioners guided by Anne, where she passes on her teachings and leads us through a meditation. It is a very safe space to share and learn with others.

If you are being drawn to learn more about Reiki and carry out training, I highly recommend Anne. You will have the most remarkable experience with an amazing intuitive, guide to help you on your path.

Sarah G

Holistic Therapist, Banstead

“I was lucky enough to meet Anne at a yoga retreat in Monkton Wyld and she is so friendly, open and down to earth, that I was instantly interested in hearing more about her work.

Anne has taught me so much and I have enjoyed every minute of my Reiki training.

Each weekend course was so inspiring. Her way of teaching is practical and understanding of how hard it can be to change. The manuals she provides are very helpful and I’m glad to have them to read over, again and again.

Each month Anne tries to hold Reiki refreshment afternoons and these are a joy. To have a safe space in which to connect with my fellow reiki users and to come home at peace with myself and the world.

I thoroughly recommend Anne as your guide and teacher. She is actually quite wonderful.”

Sue C

Reiki Master Teacher, Surrey

“I have been visiting Anne for well over 10 years. Reflexology is a wonderful way to realign in a busy, stressful world and is such a relaxing therapy. Anne is the most amazing practioner. Since my first treatment with Anne, I felt safe and connected with her. Anne is always looking into new therapies and is a real ambasador for her craft. I have recommended Anne many times, those friends also still go to her. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne, she really is a lovely lady and an absolute master of the therapies she offers.

Julia D

School Adminstrator, Banstead

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